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If you're looking for a propane tank refill, Canadian Tire Gas+ is the place to find it. We offer quick, easy refills at many of our convenient locations.

Safety is a priority

gasPlus Propane

Our trained service people follow these strict guidelines when refilling your cylinder:

  • Check the cylinder to ensure it meets government safety standards.
  • Determine date it was manufactured, or check for last valid inspection mark.
  • Look for cuts, gouging, dents or rust on cylinder.
  • Test for leakage that may render cylinder unserviceable.
  • Inspect relief valve to determine if replacement is necessary.
  • Purge any new propane cylinder.

Car Wash

Try our Ultimate wash, now with WeatherGuard.TM WeatherGuard's protective layer enhances shine and has been proven to last up to 20% longer than traditional car care products*

WeatherGuardTM is a unique product, that:

  • Provides a strong protective shine
  • Repels rain
  • Offers superior UV protection
  • Locks out snow, salt and slush
  • Leaves no waxy residue

Our car wash locations offer a variety of options to help clean and protect your investment. With over 72 car wash sites across Canada, it's easy to give your car the best possible wash today.

Find the Canadian Tire car wash location nearest you using our locator tool.

*industry testing


Canadian Tire Gas+ offers full service for people living with disabilities.

If you need our assistance to fill up your vehicle, call our disability full service help line to book an appointment. Come in to the self-serve bays during your scheduled time and we will assist you in filling up, cleaning your windshield and getting anything you need from the gas bar. We're here to help you in any way we can.

To schedule an appointment, call 1-866-217-1106